10 Minimalist Room Inspiration for Tiny Homes

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10 Minimalist Room Inspiration for Tiny Homes

For petite homeowners who have mi rooms minimalist for sure. We have to rotate the brain when we're going to design it so it can look wider and more

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For petite homeowners who have mi rooms minimalist for sure. We have to rotate the brain when we’re going to design it so it can look wider and more comfortable. Bedrooms constitute one of the privacy areas on the house whose function is to rest. So the design of the minimalist room is very important so that the owner can rest in a relaxed and calm manner.

Minimalist bedroom 2×3 me in size, 2.5×3 meters, 3×3 meters, there are even smaller ones in size. This makes storage space and motion space more limited. But did Moms know that in fact, minimalist rooms can also be designed with a more artistic look or better known for being more aesthetic.

Minimalist Room Inspiration

No need to be confused to redesign mi rooms The is yours because below there are already ten minimalist room inspirations that Moms can apply directly in a tiny house.

Before decorating your minimalist room, there is Moms is good to know some of the tips first because there are things to pay attention to so that your minimalist room can look more spacious, pleasant, and aesthetic. Take a look at yuk any tips on decorating minimalist rooms below!

Use Tiny Furniture

The first thing Moms should pay attention to selection of furniture a.k.a. furniture that exists in minimalist rooms. The name is also minimalist, the room room is definitely small so Moms has to use furniture that is also small. Avoid using big sized furniture because it will eat the place so the room gets narrower.

The recommended small-sized furniture is a bed bed, a clothes storage cabinet, and a dressing table. Try the three furniture sizes so that they do not take up most of the space.

For wardrobe, Moms can choose the ones that are glass door on the big part to make the room look more spacious. In addition, the selection of a wardrobe with glass on its front made it unnecessary for Moms to install additional mirrors. As for the dressing table, it’s better to use paste so that no table legs can make the room narrower.

Avoid Too Many Items

When redesigning minimalist rooms, we heat up sometimes want to include cute items and fit the room design. But remember, avoid putting too much stuff in minimalist rooms. Too much stuff inside minima room will make the room feel more crowded and crowded. The three compulsory furniture present on the minimalist room are a bed, a dresser, and a dressing table or a workbench.

Important items that cannot be checked out of the minimalist room is preferably put in a storage box container to make the room look neat.

Use Multifunction Furniture

Using multifunctional furniture becomes a thing good that Moms can apply when it comes to designing minimalist rooms. By using multifunctional furniture, then furniture in the room can be further reduced. Example of multifunctional furniture such as bed whose bottom is a luggage storage drawer so Moms could put it as a shirt or other stuff in the place.

Select Bedless Bed

The selection of bedless mattresses can also be the solution when we’re going to design minimalist rooms. One furniture that eats up a lot of places is a bed. So if Moms gets rid of the bed, then the room can be more spacious. As a bedstead, use a somewhat carpet thick at the bottom. That way, the mattress does not come into direct contact with the floor.

Provide Fairly Bright Lighting

Lighting is very important in designing room minimalist. With pretty bright lighting, then the rooms will look much more spacious. The best lighting is natural light so the room window should be large. That way, the sunlight can highlight your room. In addition, sunlight can also make germs that are in the room disappear. If it doesn’t have a large window, then add light with artificial lighting aka by using lights. But choose a lamp that doesn’t make your room feel hot.

Choose 2-3 Color Blend

Using only two to three colors as your minimalist room color is an appropriate choice. The use of diverse colors will actually make the room feel more. But if you want to use more than three colors anyway, it’s best to choose bright and calming colors so that the room becomes wider. Color selection can be applied to paint colors of walls, sheets, curtains, carpets, a piece of furniture that is inside a minimalist room.

Large-Sized Mirrors Must Exist

Mirrors become one of the mandatory objects that should be on your minimalist room. In order not to narrow the room, use a hanging mirror. Unlike other furniture that is best chosen small size, for mirrors to be the opposite, choose a mirror that is large in size. It is intended to create an illusion of the eye so the room is minimalistic so it looks more wider than it really is.

Utilize Floating Shelves

Your stuff doesn’t fit put in the closet? One way of activating it is to utilize floating shelters a.k.a. hanging shelves. This way is very nice applied to minimalist rooms. Moms can put hanging shelves on top of dressing tables or beds. In order not to appear to be messy, enter the items you want to keep in the box first, then place it on a hanging rack so that it looks neater.

Create Mezzanine Inside the Room

The final tip when going to design a minimalist room is how to make mezzanine inside the room. This can be done if the size of your room ceiling is more than three meters high. Mezzanine is a space or auxiliary floor that is between the floor and ceiling of a room with a semi-open concept. Later there will be stairs connecting between the lower floors with mezzanine.


That’s the inspiration of minimalist rooms that Moms can apply to petite homes. Don’t forget to also apply tips on designing minimalist rooms so that the appearance can be more maximized and definitely satisfy Moms.