10 Poisonous Ornamental Plants Harmful to the Little One

Having a hobby of gardening is fun, yes. In addition to satisfying the heart, the gardening hobby can also spoil the eyes with the presence of beauti

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Having a hobby of gardening is fun, yes. In addition to satisfying the heart, the gardening hobby can also spoil the eyes with the presence of beautiful plants at home. But, besides, you also need to know the types of poisonous ornamental plants, you know.

Some of the beautiful home decorations turned out to be harmful to humans.

Well, adults may be able to easily figure it out, but what about the Little One?

The Little One who did not know the dangers of the plant could have been affected. Before that happens, it is best to recognize the harmful ornamental plant.

Anything at all? Let’s find out!

Poisonous Ornamental Plants

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10 Poisonous Ornamental Plants Harmful to the Little One

Do not be deceived by the beauty of the leaves and flowers of the ornamental plants most now.

Although it is beautiful to look at, it is certainly risky to display at home. Especially if there are children di home.

Then, what kinds of poisonous ornamental plants are in the house? Here’s the list:

1. Philodendron

Ornamental berry this poison is one of the quite popular houseplants. In addition to its interesting appearance, it is also easy to grow.

According to the National Capital Poison Center, it turns out that this philodendron plant has a crystalline content of calcium oxalate that’s toxic to humans and animals.

Many accidentally ingest this plant may experience skin reactions and swelling in the mouth area as well as digestive tract.

In a few case, ingesting many philodendrons could be harmful to children.

2. Pothos

Pothos Ivy or known by the name Devil’s Ivy is also popular enough to be an ornamental plant at home.

This plant, too could help clear the air in the room.

On the other hand, this plant also has a no less dangerous content.

People who don’t accidentally swallowing it can feel burning in the area of the mouth, skin irritation, swelling in the lips, tongue, throat, vomiting, as well as diarrhea.

So, preferably avoid having poisonous ornamental plants of this type yes.

3. Arrowhead Plant

Well, that plant this one is also quite often used to decorate the house.

The plant is also into rap was made a gift to a person for his beauty. The leaves are bristled the liver does make this plant look interesting.

However, you must care yes. This arrowhead plant is included in toxic ornamental plants.

If not intentionally ingested, these plants could make people experience skin irritation, stomachache, throw up.

4. Lilies

Lilies are known as a graceful and beautiful flower Lili had a variety of kinds and colors that pretty.

But, you know, behind her beauty, Lili turned out to be a poisonous ornamental plant.

Indeed not all poisonous lilies, there are just a few poisonous lilies, such as

  • Calla Lily
  • Easter Lily
  • Rebrum Lily
  • Tiger Lily
  • Day Lily
  • Peace Lily
  • Asian Lily

Any kind of flower lilies have a different impact if accidentally ingested, such as Peruvian paint, vomiting, headache, blurred vision, and skin irritation.

5. Elephant Ears

Pop elephant ear as a houseplant both indoors and in the garden.

Many variations from this elephant ear, some are green, red, pink, and white. It makes elephant ears are loved by many people.

All parts from elephant ears contain poison for humans and animals.

If accidentally swallow it, one will feel painful heat and swelling in the area of the mouth, tongue, lips, and throat.

Ornamental berry this poison also causes difficulty breathing and difficulty swallowing. That thing will haze the langue of air entering the lungs and causing death.

6. The Tongue of the In-laws

Other plants yang quite often found at home is the tongue-in-law.

Multi-planted plant long, thick-leaved, and pointed ends are indeed capable of beautifying space.

Blend color Its green, yellow, and white make the plant even prettier.

You need to know also, if it turns out it’s included in the poisonous ornamental plant, you know.

If accidentally swallows it, someone will feel pain in the mouth area, drooping, and somewhat nauseous.

For some case, this plant may also cause reactions to the skin if it rubs in that’s long.

7. Caladium

Caladium so one of the indoor ornamental plants that many people are loving right now.

However, this is a type of poisonous ornamental plant.

Could be provided some symptoms that are quite severe when accidentally ingested.

Symptoms is vomiting as well as swelling of the tongue and oral cavity that can cause breathing difficulties.

Immediately pertaining treatment to a nearby hospital if this happens yes.

8. Oleander

Oleander including in the next poisonous ornamental plant.

Streaming on Britannica, it has toxic compounds containing oleandrin and neriine.

If it’s accidentally eat, oleander can cause vomiting, diarrhea, unstable pulse, convulsions, coma, until death.

Sap on the leaves is known to irritate the skin for some people.

So, far this plant from the reach of children in the house yes.

9. Ficus Plant

Ficus has a hundreds species of different characters.

Also called of the rubber kebo plant, this is often used as a sweetener inside home.

But it needs to be careful, this is included in the next toxic ornamental plant.

Quite dangerous and risky if at home there are children or pets.

Someone who is accidentally exposed to the sap, can have itching, rash, and digestive tract disorders in animals.

10. Dumb Canes

It looks like amount people have this kind of plant at home, don’t they?

Its shape is unique and is included in plants that are easy to care for, no wonder if he is loved a lot.

Unfortunately, dumb canes included in the type of poisonous ornamental plant.

In a few case found severe swelling in the mouth area after accidentally swallowed this plant.

Even he also trigger a loss of ability to speak.

Symptoms of this plant poisoning also cause intense pain and burning sensation on the skin.

Immediately wash the hand properly if accidentally holding the goose yes.


Well, those are the 10 poisonous ornamental home plants you need to be aware of.

You had better keep the plants out of the reach of the child if they are still in oral phase due to ingested worry.