10 Vegetable Plants Easy to Harvest Around the House

Nowadays, the hobby of gardening can't be done only by those who own vast land. The concept of urban farming is one of the gardening solutions on lim

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Nowadays, the hobby of gardening can’t be done only by those who own vast land. The concept of urban farming is one of the gardening solutions on limited land.

Urban farming itself is a term used for gardening activities on small land or in urban homes.

Before starting urban farming, it would be better if you find out the types of plants that are suitable for planting in limited land. Because, not all kinds of plant can be planted on narrow land.

Usually the type of plant that can be grown in narrow fields is a vegetable plant that can be consumed immediately after picking.

10 Types of Vegetable Plants to Harvest Easily and Quickly

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10 Vegetable Plants Easy to Harvest Around the House

1. Spinach Vegetable Plant

Vegetable plants are can you try growing at home is spinach. Spinach vegetables are one of the suitable crops grown at home. This is because of its less difficult planting and maintenance process.

Before starting plant, the things that need to be prepared are spinach seeds, growing medium, which is soil mixed with fertilizer, both compost and cage, pot and polybag, and water.

If that equipment is need has been complete, the first stage done is seed seeding.

Beni seeding process is done by putting spinach seeds on a growing medium. Give the distance between the seed sat to the other seed so as not to germinate in groups.

This seeding process last about a month. Once the seed germinates, the next stage is to transfer it to a larger planting medium and pot.

Pay attention, this spinach will grow on a humid environment. So you need to maintain moisture by routinely watering this spinach plant.

2. Arugula Vegetable Plant

Arugula usually is used as a salad ingredient, one of the easily grown plants in the house.

Arugula planting process begins by sprinkling seeds on a medium of growing flat, fine soil, and no dirt.

After seed planting, make sure the plant is not exposed to direct light. This is because plants will grow following the direction of light and forging to the growing medium.

arugula vegetable plant grow in moist growing media. So you need to keep the moisture in place but don’t give too much water.

Arugula vegetables can be harvest after 10 days of planting, and you could pick 1.5 cm of plants from the planting medium.

3. Seasoned Vegetable Eggplant

Purple eggplants whose fruit is large could turn out to be planted in small media such as pots or polybags. One polybag for one seedling having seedling first.

After seedlings are moved in a polybag, you should plug in a 5-10 cm long wooden/bamboo stick for support later.

Try to put the pot on a little shady because the plant is sensitive if it gets too hot.

4. Mustard Vegetable Plant

Planting relative mustard It’s easy. But there are a few things to watch out for. Make sure the plants should be on open land. If the growing area tends to be cold make sure the plant is exposed to direct sunlight.

On the contrary if plant heat, place plants under shaded trees or areas that have roofs. Plant seeds into soil 1/2 inch deep with 4-inch spacing between seeds.

Make sure the ground is fixed moisten evenly with mild watering.

5. Chili Vegetable Plant

To grow chili, you need a minimum pot size of 5 liters. Actually cayenne pepper can grow planted in pots that are smaller in size, but the yield will not be maxed out.

You could choose a pot plastic or ceramic that has a hole in the base part for drainage. Sprinkle moderately three times a day or daily during dry season. If planted on yard soil the distance between seeds is 7-10 cm.

6. Leaf Vegetable Plants

The leek can grow fertile even though it is planted on narrow land. Even how to grow it isn’t difficult. One polybag can be for planting a maximum of two stems.

You could plant by directly from its seed (generative) or snatch from a growing leek plant.

Ideal temperature for growth range from 19-24 C, but leeks can still grow in hot-temperature lowlands. From his character, it is perfect for a city like Jakarta. Next stay watered regularly once every 1-2 days.

This plant doesn’t need a large water level, but should not be deficient because it may interfere with growth.

7. Tomato Vegetable Plants

Like other vegetables, tomato begins with the seed seeding process. Tomato seeds are preferably placed on a soil growing medium that is not very dense.

You could use mix an earth, charcoal chaff, and fertilizer. It aims to smooth the flow of water on the ground.

In addition, note the location plant tomato plants and be sure to get enough sunlight directly. Growing tomato vegetable plants may use potted media or polybag.

While growing tomatoes line up, make sure the planting distance is 5 cm. This is done to prevent tomatoes from growing in clusters and splashing with other stems that can interfere vegetation.

8. Carrot Vegetable Plant

If you are minded carrot can only grow in the highlands, then your perception must be changed.

Indeed a carrot vegetable it’s ideal to be planted on highlands, but you can also plant them even in lowlands.

Primary conditions for planting vegetable an ideal vegetable carrot can grow is planted on a fertile soil growing medium. You could be plant flatten the soil with compost, fine sand, and red soil with a 1:1 comparison.

The size of the pot will also be has an effect on growth. Choose a pot that has a depth of 30-40 cm for plant growth carrot is more ideal.

Next process is planting process. Place carrot vegetable seedlings on growing medium by 3 cm apart. put seedlings on a hole with a depth of 5 cm, and each hole can be filled with 2 carrot seedlings.

After the naming process done, flush regularly and place on places exposed to direct sunlight.

9. Lettuce Vegetable Plant

Before starting planting lettuce vegetable plants, some process to pay attention to is the selection of quality seedlings, sweeten the medium of nursery, the process of planting and treatment.

You could find a lettuce seeds it’s quality lettuce in plant shops easily. Next for the rearing medium use a mixture of rice husk, compost fertilizer, and fleshy soil.

After lettuce seedlings, transfer it to a wider growing medium with fleshy soil that has previously been silenced for 2 days.

Next process is take care of lettuce vegetables by keeping the growing medium moist.

10. Cucumber Vegetable Plant

Growing vegetable cucumber can be done at home with the media growing in the pot. The process starts with seeding cucumber seeds in the polybag until they grow and leafy.

After that you could pour into the planting medium on a larger pot with a width diameter of 40 cm. The planting medium used is a mixing between soil and compost with a 50:50 composition.

After planting is complete, you could take care of it by watering it regularly.


So are you ready to start your home gardening activity? If you already understand the important things necessary in home gardening activities, it’s time to start by growing your first crop.

Then don’t forget to stay committed to caring for the crops until they grow and can be harvested.