6 Home Gardening Tips You Can Try!


6 Home Gardening Tips You Can Try!

Who here is planning on gardening? The emergence of a new trend of gardening during this pandemic made almost all circles do this hobby. From parents

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Who here is planning on gardening? The emergence of a new trend of gardening during this pandemic made almost all circles do this hobby. From parents to young people love this gardening activity.

Gardening itself can be done for those with little or much land. This activity is not necessarily about growing vegetables, but it can also grow ornamental plants or other plants. Gardening can be made alternative options to reduce the sense of stress resulting from the effects of the pandemic.

Here are some tips for those of you who are just starting gardening:

Home Gardening Tips

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6 Home Gardening Tips You Can Try!

1. Pay Attention to the Place of Sunlight

The function of this suntan greatly plays a big role in the growth of the plants we grow. The intensity of light hitting plants will also have an impact on leaf color, plant height, and plant life.

Then from that, it’s important to know the location of the sunlight that enters our homes. Make sure the incoming light is good enough so that plants can also grow well as well.

2. Select What Media You Want to Use

In gardening, the growing medium is very important thing, the planting medium has several types according to its function. Some use soil growing media.

This media is very easy to find for that lives du a non-populated neighborhood. Almost any plant can be grown with this growing medium. In addition there is a growing medium with water or commonly known as Hydroponics.

This technique would be more recommended for you who love organic plants and don’t have to bother to find a large land. In its treatment, this hydroponic medium is judged to be more difficult because it cradles a system that must be appropriate and appropriate.

3. Select Plants That Fit Environmental Circumstances

Often we forget that not all plants are we want to be able to live if we plant it in our neighborhood. Well, choose plants that match the climate and environmental circumstances to be planted.

It is to avoid plants going to die after beautiful in pots or other growing media.

4. Don’t Forget Pest!

Here comes one of the enemies of the plant, which is vermin. You must thoroughly re-examine your crops to be free from pests and weeds. You can use pest cleaners on plants so that your plants can avoid pests.

5. Do Not Overuse Fertilizer

Use of fertilizer on plants as well You need to pay attention. Yes! Use fertilizer on the growing medium enough and adjust also to the plant type. Don’t let your crops die from too much and wrong use of fertilizer.

6. Setting Plants to Fit the Size of Room

Not everyone has a room extensive for arranging their crops. When you have a small room, try to arrange your plants vertically and place some plants in a hanging manner.

It functions to keep your room from being occupied look at the sump and it’s full of your plant’s existence.


There’s some tips that you can do while about to start home gardening. Happy try ya!