6 Sweet and Charming Pastel Color Wall Paint Inspiration

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6 Sweet and Charming Pastel Color Wall Paint Inspiration

Each of the paint colors of the wall has its own to smear accentuate a certain nuance in an occupancy. For example, a pastel color wall paint capable

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Each of the paint colors of the wall has its own to smear accentuate a certain nuance in an occupancy. For example, a pastel color wall paint capable of instantly presenting sweet and charming shades. This is because pastel color wall paint has a softer and younger tone compared to the color that sings the song.

You want your occupancy to look cute and charming? Let’s, live just peep 6 inspirations wall paint the following pastel colors!

Room Design Ideas with Pastel Color Wall Paint


Pastel Green

Inspiration paint wall color pastel green is not just sweet, is charming, but also represents a natural atmosphere of nature. While in a room with these pastel color wall paints, the mind relaxes more. For an interesting combination, the walls are painted in two pastel green colors.

Younger fields are given colorful triangular patterns. This difference in pastel color also serves to distinguish the area inside a single room. Simple but big enough.

Prefer a wall that is without motive or pattern? Just replicate ide paint this mint-green pastel-color wall! You can apply plain pastel green wall paint all over the wall because it is beautiful and bright. To fulfill this, use various furniture and white home accessories, as well as the ceiling in the room.

Yellow Accents and Ash Gray

In addition to applying pastel color wall paint to the full on the entire surface of the wall. Another alternative is to utilize pastel color wall paint to draw a geometric pattern. On inspiration this time, there are two colors used, namely yellow and pastel gray.

The geometric pattern is a combination of the diamond cleaved shapes and a small triangle. The application is on one wall field only. Thus, such walls could become the main focus indoors. For textured or perforated wall surfaces, make sure you apply somewhat wall plating first to make the wall smoother and evener, and not damage the display.

Pastel Blue Like Sky

This Japanese-style residential interior represents one inspiration charming of pastel-colored wall paint. Light blue pastel color wall paint is applied to one side of the elongated wall. Already performing charming, multifunctional also to create an effect as if looking up at the sky

Meanwhile, other wall fields use white color. Uniquely, the blue pastel color wall paint remains well-matched with various Japanese-style light brown wood-material furniture, such as a guest table, bed, display shelf, wardrobe, wall shelf, up to its floor area that uses wooden vinyl. The look of the room has become even more charming overall.

A Confession of Charming and Luxury

Wall paint light brown pastel color is not just sweet and charming, but also able to appear fancy. To get the impression of such luxury, you’re quite making small changes. Replace the fabric elements on the interior with a slightly glossy material. Then, mix it with some space-saving furniture in clean white. Also add gold color accent details at some point, such as desk in the corner area of the room in the picture above.

The desk table or side table this one definitely fits together right with a light brown pastel color wall paint. The surface part of the table is white and made of HPL taco material, while the table legs are made of gold-colored iron. The design is simple , but very luxurious and elegant.

Universal Pink

The times are growing, pink is no longer a color specific and identical to female. Even now there are already many who use pastel pink color wall paint for modern residential design . These soft colors are comfortable to see so they don’t become a problem when applied to the entire wall surface.

For furniture, choose either white or black for the appearance to contrast. Don’t forget to also add some green ornamental plants to make the habitation more acry and charming.

Deep Blue Pastel for Good Sleep

Paint wall color pastel blue very fittingly applied have a bedroom. Famous colors have the psychological effect of inducing this sense of security and calm will certainly make sleep even better.

The paint impression of the wall color pastel blue can be sweet, It’s masculine. The walls themselves are already charming. Thus, you do not need to add wall decorations to further save space. If you think these pastel color wall paints are too dark, balance them with the use of white bedspreads and furniture or other bright colors that are still as colorful.


May the six inspirations paint pastel-colored walls from we. This can be a reference when you want to design a new house or when re-modeling a house.