How to Gardening Teak Beneficial and Profitable


How to Gardening Teak Beneficial and Profitable

Teak Tree is one of the types of trees producing wood that has high quality and of course the precious sell high anyway. Therefore, it has teak plant

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Teak Tree is one of the types of trees producing wood that has high quality and of course the precious sell high anyway. Therefore, it has teak plantations can make You overwhelmed pundi-pundi rupiah.

To get the results of the harvest of high quality trees, surely You need tips and tricks on how to how to gardening teak beneficial. Yuk, check out his review here.

Process of breeding the teak tree

In the process of seeding can use the seeds from the seeds of teak dry and fall in the area of the teak tree. Traits of seeds of good quality, among others the color of her skin had yellowed and dry, has a large size, round-shaped, dense and didn’t shrivel up and don’t experience a disability. Before sowing, the seeds are first soaked in water for 3-4 hours.

the Process of seeding can be done on a growing media with a mixture of manure and soil (1:1). Then, enter the growing media into a polybag seedling that had been prepared. Next, immerse the seeds to a depth of 5 cm on the media, then the spherical wear a medium in the top. After 47 days, it will usually grow the seeds are small.

Stage of preparation of the land

Sprinkle manure or compost to the area of land planted with the use of the composition of the fertilizer as much as 2 tons per hectare. Nutrition can be done over 3-4 weeks, but before doing the cultivation of the land by hoeing and piracy. The goal is that the soil becomes more friable and improve the basic nutrients in it.

Next, make a hole with a distance of antarlubang about 2.5×2.5 meters with a hole size of about 30cm × 30cm × 30 cm. Then let stand the ground up to 2-3 weeks.

Planting of teak seedlings

the next Step, remove the parts of the nursery of a plastic bag (polybag) then put the seeds or seedlings in the planting hole. Preferably, the position of the planting cultivated in the state of the upright, then place it carefully so that the roots are not damaged.

Cover the hole with the soil around it, and then compress the soil is soft so the plant does not collapse easily. Flush the area of the land to maintain soil moisture well.


In general, this phase is done to plants that die when planting. In addition, fertilizing and weeding, it is generally done when teak was in the beginning of the planting up to the age of 5 years then conducted once in 3 months. After that, do a little pruning twigs of the plant with the aim that the main trunk in teak able to the body optimally and straight.


In general, the crop harvest teak itself is after the plants aged 12-15 years. However, to do the harvest can be customized based on the needs of farmers. If want to harvest teak for use as a building material, generally harvest the most good, that is, when the teak tree has aged about 20 years.